Welcome to the Ascension!


The Ascension will allow you to enjoy the game you’ve grown familiar with in a brand new way. The adventures have become more engaging, and character development became easier and intuitive. Now your actions are the main currency of Skyforge and time is your main resource. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with this update guide, so that you feel comfortable in your new game environment. Please note that this guide is primarily compiled for players that have already reached their Divine Form. New players will learn all changes listed below while playing the campaign.



  • What should I do on my first login?
  • What happened to my character and how do I develop them now?
  • How did the Invasion system change?
  • How did characters' equipment change?
  • Has there been any changes to Divine Specializations?
  • What happened to the Order?
  • How do the Pantheons work?
  • What are Directives, and how can I use them?
  • And what about Operations?
  • Where can I find the Currency Exchange?
  • The UI has changed. Are these changes final?


 What should I do on my first login?

  • Collect everything stored in the pending rewards interface (F9). You can see the list of removed resources and compensations here.
  • Open the Character tab, click Symbols (I), look through the list and activate symbols you like by clicking Save.
  • Your character will have some of their new equipment on already. The rest of the items you can find in your pending rewards list (F9). Take everything and equip the items you like. 
  • Open the Aelion map interface (K) and go to the Capital tab (Shift+K). Here you can obtain various enhancements for your character:
    • Go to the Cathedral. Upgrading it costs Credits and allows you to receive Might.
    • Go to the Trophy Hall. Here you can further enhance your character by spending Victor's Medals that you receive as compensation for various resources.
    • Go to the Tower of Knowledge. Upgrading it costs Knowledge of Enemies and allows you to receive Might.
    • Open the Altar and collect 10 offerings from your followers. Remember to return here daily!
    • Go to the Flavius’s Laboratory and start quests that will allow you to receive new abilities from one of the invading armies tabs.
  • Teleport to the capital to access the new Order interface. Open your Order (L) and send your Adepts on a journey! Remember to talk to Herida in the Divine Observatory: she’ll grant you a free relic.
  • Open the Provinces tab on the map of Aelion (K), and on it, find Bastions and Class Temples. There you can receive quests. You can only receive quests in one Class Temple and several Bastions at once.
  • Go to the Aelion tab on the map of Aelion and activate a directive.
  • Assign the consumables you might need to your quick access panel before your first battle.
  • Splendid! Now your character is fully equipped and ready for battle, you only have to complete the quests you received in any order.
  • Do you want to learn more? Read on.


What happened to my character and how do I develop them now?


You can develop your character in two main ways: by learning new Symbols & Abilities and by passively increasing their main stat—Might—through investing resources in various structures found on the Capital tab of the Aelion map. Naturally, a character's equipment is still very important to their overall stats, but we’ll get to that later..


Complete quests you receive from various quest-givers to learn new Abilities.

  • You can earn new Symbols by completing Bastion quests. You can receive quests in several Bastions at once.
  • Class Temple quests unlock class Abilities. Keep in mind that you cannot receive more than one Class Temple quest at a time. After receiving a directive in any of the temples you cannot develop any others until you complete your current objectives.
  • By working for Flavius's Laboratory, your character will be able to resist the invading armies better. A special resource that allows you to receive quests in the Laboratory—Army Samples—will be credited to your character automatically.


Additionally, you can gain more Might by completing Temple, Bastion, and Laboratory quests. It can also be earned through investing resources you obtain in your adventures into development of your Capital’s buildings.

  • You can invest Credits into Cathedral upgrades.
  • You can invest Knowledge of Enemies into the Tower of Knowledge,
  • Victor's Medals into the Trophy Hall.


The Temple of Deeds—the place where you can learn and upgrade your Divine Specializations—deserves a separate highlight. You can unlock new Divine Specialization abilities by spending special currency: Divine Deeds. You can obtain those by completing any activities in your Divine Form. 


You can read more about character development on Skyforge’s official website.


How did the Invasion system change?


Invasions now run for much longer and it’s during Invasions that you can now receive the best equipment available in the game (learn more about equipment).

You can see the ways this is accomplished on the Invasion Avatar’s Flagship tab. Click the Flagship icon on the globe of Aelion (Aelion tab on the map, Invasions subheading) to see it. 



The icons you see by the invasion progress scale allow players to easily see their available activities, equipment they can receive in them, and the time when new events will become available. Additionally, this tab allows you to see recommended stats your character needs to complete various activities.

You can read more about the Invasions in this article.


How did characters' equipment change?

The main focus of the new approach to equipment was to add gameplay features and cut down on additional resources and interactions with your bag.

The number of pieces of equipment was reduced: to only 10 items: 1 Weapon slot, 1 Artifact slot, 4 Valuables slots, and another 4 for Stones of Strength.


Now the type of item you can equip is determined by your character’s Might. The equipment itself now provides different additional effects that strengthen your character and increase their efficiency. Most equipment will be equally relevant for all classes.


On what basis was my equipment assigned in Ascension?

  • Generation. All the equipment you obtained comes from the previous Invasion Seasons. Current generation equipment has higher stats.
  • Weapons. Every character receives 3 types of weapons for each unlocked class, if they had at least one class weapon equipped or stored in their bag before the update. Only the best possible items will be assigned to all characters. For example: if you had an Epic weapon in your bag that you could not equip due to its proficiency requirements, after the update your character will have it equipped. Lower-quality weapons will be removed from your bag and will be compensated for with Credits.
  • Rings and amulets. Your valuables will be transferred in a similar way. Amulets with the highest stats and the rarest rings will be transformed into new valuables, the rest of your rings and amulets will be compensated for with credits. Note, bonuses from specific equipment do not provide fixed increments to certain stats. Two seemingly similar valuables may have different multiplier and bonus rate within set parameters.
  • Artifacts. Each player receives a set of 5 artifacts. Their rarity and quality will be based on the rarity and quality of players' additional weapons.
  • Legendary Rings and Fluids. Each player receives as many as three (3) Legendary Artifacts for their Legendary Ring. The rest of the rings and fluids will be converted into Credits.
  • Trophies. The amount of trophies in a player’s bag will influence the amount of a special bonus from Flavius’s Laboratory that increases your character’s efficiency against each specific invasion army.
  • Tactical Sense Amplifiers will no longer be available. Players will receive a Credit compensation depending on their development level. 
  • Tactical Sense Replicators will be compensated for with Victor's Medals.
  • Bags with random items that you could have received in adventures will also be compensated for with credits.

You can find all details on characters' equipment here.


Why do I have so much Prestige?

Your Prestige indicates your character's Strength. Now every new equipment item makes your character a lot stronger, and, consequently, gives you a big Prestige bonus. By equipping current Season items you can further increase your Prestige.


Has there been any changes to Divine Specializations?

Divine Atlases have been removed from the game and have been replaced with the Temple of Deeds. Now, Divine Specializations will be learned here. As with atlases, it provides a general tab for your Divine Form and specialization tabs.


To unlock a new ability, you will have to reach a certain value on the Divine Deeds scale. Your Divine Deeds are a currency that you earn for completing adventures in your Divine Form. The more difficult the adventure, the more deeds you will earn. For example, destroying the invading army Avatar will earn the maximum possible points, while completing a single quest in a Region will earn you the minimum.


You unlock a new specialization once you learn its first ability. You must have an Avatar Trophy and sufficient Divine Deed points to learn an ability.


Unallocated Divine Revelations will be converted into Avatar Trophies. Your Divine Specialization progress will also be transferred to the new version of the game. You will not have to unlock and learn them from scratch again.  However, God of Knowledge has been removed from the game and players will receive compensation for their progress within the atlas; up to 30,000 Victor’s Medals if the specialization was maxed.


What happened to the Order?

The Order became the main source of your character's Faith. Faith is a valuable and sought-after resource, one that shouldn’t be squandered on easy-to-complete Squad adventures!


The number of active Adepts in an order will go down to 8. Now, instead of completing missions, Adepts will be sent on Journeys. Journeys are travels during which members of your Order will encounter random events. This will earn them Credits & Faith, they can attract new Adepts, and find Relics (Adepts' equipment). The duration of the Journey is limited by the Adept's strength reserve bar. When it reaches zero, the Journey ends.


A well-equipped Legendary Adept may earn up to 100 Faith points per journey.


Make sure that your Order does not exceed 8 adepts, since having members that await initiation will decrease your Faith income by 50%.


How do the Pantheons work?

Pantheons no longer have any structures and have gained a new Rank stat. Pantheon rank upgrades increase its member limit, unlock the Academy, and Pantheon battles. Additionally, Pantheon rank upgrades increase efficiency of all the Pantheon’s members. A fully upgraded level 20 Pantheon adds 10% to the damage and health points of every member. Pantheon may have up to 290 players in it: 260 members of the Pantheon and 30 Pantheon Academy students. In the event a Pantheon consisted of 290 members prior to the update, all players will remain in the Pantheon. However, no new members can be invited until space becomes available.


Members of the Pantheon can increase its rank by gathering enough Construction Resources. The amount of resources gathered is displayed on a dedicated bar in the Pantheon interface. Once the bar is full, the members will have to spend a certain amount of Credits, vote for the upgrade, and the rank will be increased.


Construction Resources may be obtained by completing directives and by participating in competitive activities. Please note that resources will be further accumulated even after the bar is full. Distortions will be available to all players, regardless if they are members of the Pantheon or not. Additionally, each and every player will be able to access the battle stats screen that was previously exclusive to the members of pantheons.


The resources that players have spent on Pantheon upgrades before the update will be allocated to Pantheon rank upgrade after the update. The Victor's Medals that users spent on Obelisks will be restored to their rightful owners as you will no longer need to invest Victor's Medals to receive passive bonuses from the Pantheon.


The social panel of the Pantheon has also been redesigned. There will be 2 Pantheon chats: a general chat for all the Pantheon members, including Academy students, and a Commander chat.


What are Directives, and how can I use them?


Directives are random sets of in-game activities, completing which will earn you additional valuables. You may receive Credits, Argents, Victor's Medals, resources for upgrading Temples, and construction points for your Pantheon. The volume of the rewards depends on your character's level and could be increased 5 or even 20-fold!


Additionally, Directives will help players that are developing slowly catch up to the leaders. For example, by completing Directives such players may earn Bastion progress points and Divine Deeds. Players that have learned less than three Divine Specializations may receive a Special Directive that will call on them to fight against a training version of an invading army Avatar. By completing it, such players will receive an Avatar Trophy. 

You can read more about Directives and Operations here.


What about Operations?

The main distinguishing feature of Ascension Operations are that now they are separated from active Invasions. This means that they will include quests against all armies simultaneously. In order to participate in an Operation, players must complete any adventure, or continue completing them, in any order to increase their rank. You should focus on completing Priority Operations that you can find on the globe of Aelion to receive more Operation progress points and increase Operation rank. A character may participate in only one operation at a time.


Once you achieve 100% of personal progress you may receive Knowledge of Enemies as a reward as well as Credits as a reward for your total progress. Transitioning to the next rank of an Operation will award Argents.


Where can I find the Currency Exchange?

Credits and Argents may no longer be exchanged for each other. Now, Argents can not only be purchased but are able to be earned in game: at the Altar, in Operations, via Directives, at the Inghar Test Area, and in certain battles.


You can receive limited amounts of Credits at the Altar by spending Argents.



The UI has changed. Are these changes final?

This version of our new interface skin is almost final. The interface has not yet been adapted to some rare screen resolutions, but, generally speaking, this is its final version. We are planning to allow for customizable UI that will give everybody an opportunity to choose a UI option similar to the previous version.


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