• Left and right group of abilities: Holding down or enables the use of abilities respectively from the left and right group on the abilities panel. Abilities themselves can be called up using the , , , buttons. So you need to press one of these buttons while holding down or to call up an ability.
  • Divine abilities: Holding down and at the same time opens the Divine Abilities panel. Pressing this combination again will bring back the class panel.
  • Lock Target: Pressing saves the current target selection regardless of camera rotation. Pressing it again selects the next target, and pressing and holding down removes the lock.
  • Previous or next group member: goes through your group members and locks on each in turn. Using outside the group can be used to lock on your own character.
  • Battle Consumables: Tapping uses the consumable, while pressing and holding down opens the consumables window.
  • Transport: Tapping allows you to use the transport, while pressing and holding down opens the transport selection window.
  • Dash: When tapping the button, the character will make a dash in the direction they are moving.
  • Tracking a target: When this button is pressed, the camera goes into tracking mode for the current target. This mode is turned off when the player starts controlling the camera.
  • Left and right combat context action: The context action that appears on the left can be used by pressing and at the same time, and the one on the right by pressing and .

Additional functions
  • Group tag menu: + allows group members to put a tag on the enemy.
  • Target selection priority: + determines who is targeted first — enemies or allies.
  • Social menu: + opens the social interaction menu.

The only difference between "Layout 1" and "Layout 2" at the moment is the "Dash" button. In the first layout, it is , in the second — .

How to enable it?
Open the settings menu, go to the "Controls" section, tick "Game pad Support" and select "Confirm".

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