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Pantheon War Seasons are the main competitive event for any Pantheon, and is divided into seasons. Each consists of 7 consecutive Pantheon Wars, during which the owners of the magnificent Celestial Temples are determined! To win in the seasons, you need players with a wide variety of skills: PvE enthusiasts and PvP masters. Any participant of the game community, regardless of their preferences, can have an impact on the outcome of the season!

The aim of each season is a major project, which every Pantheon strives to participate it. The most successful Pantheons will forever make their mark on the history of Aelion, determining future opportunities for all players on the server!

The Pantheon War's first season objective was to bring to life a colossal Aelion Space Program project! Its successful end was marked with the launch of Hyperion, which continues to provide various bonuses to immortals.

The second season objective is to prepare for a military expedition to Thea where an extremely valuable resource has been detected! Gaining control over Shakta, the gods will unlock access to new talents for all immortals! Winners gain access to the richest deposits and determine the classes to which priority will be given!


Pantheon Wars - large-scale battles, consisting of several parallel PvE and PvP battles. They take place once every 2 weeks, allowing each Pantheon wishing to participate to prepare and gather forces.

Any Pantheon can participate, but the number of territories is limited to two leagues: Gold (8 Pantheons) and Silver (20 Pantheons).

Pantheons fight to possess special territories — Temples. Pantheons will either defend their territories and/or try and seize other territories.

Up to 70 players from a Pantheon can take part, some of which will take part in PvP battles and the rest - in PvE battles. Only players who have received access to Divine Form can take part in the battles.

Pantheon War PvP battles, regardless of whether the Pantheon is defending or attacking, take place in three locations - three key temple points:
• Bridge to the Temple - capture points, 15 vs 15;
• Temple Gates — flag capture, 10 vs 10;
• Temple Tower — King of the Hill, 15 vs 15.

PvP locations become available if territories have an Attacker and a Defender. Pantheons need to play in all three maps, but the teams for each battle must be unique. If one of the sides is absent, the other is automatically considered the winner. To win a Pantheon War, you must win all 3 PvP Battles. Otherwise, scores will determine the winner.

PvE battles take place in one of two locations that are within the territory of the Temple. The location depends on whether a Pantheon is defending or attacking. At the same time, 3 PvE battles take place and each can have up to 10 players. Every success in PvE contests affects the end reward multiplier for the Pantheon War.

PvE and PvP battles take place at the same time, so the same hero cannot take part in both.
You do not have to have a full team to take part in any of the battles: you can send a smaller number of players to PvP fights and/or not take part in all PvE battles, in the event a Pantheon does not have enough players that can take part in the Pantheon War.

Before combat begins, Pantheon rights to fight for a territory are determined. To do this a special auction is held.


Pantheons acquire the right to fight for a certain territory through an Auction system. A bid is made on a selected Temple. If this is not outbid by another Pantheon, the Pantheon that made the bid becomes the contender for the selected position at the end of the auction.


• All Pantheons whose rank allows them to participate in Pantheon War Seasons can take part in the trading.
• Trading takes place on Saturday from 19:00 to 21:00 server time.
• Any Pantheon commander can make bids during the auction.
• Bids are made in credits.
• Minimum bid for the Silver League: 100,000 credits.
• Minimum bid for the Gold League: 3,000,000 credits.
• Bid increment - 5% of current bid.
• Bids cannot be cancelled and Pantheons cannot make more than one bid at a time.
• Bids made less than 10 minutes before the end of the auction will extend trading for that territory by 5 minutes.
• However, trading must end by 21:00, server time.
• A tax of 7% of the bid is levied per bid.
• All bids that have been outbid will be returned to the Pantheon account, minus the tax.

Battle Times

Battles are held on Sundays at predetermined time intervals (19:00, 20:30, 22:00, server time. However, the exact day/time may change when necessary). Owner & Contender pairs are determined at the end of trading. The schedule ensures that participating Pantheons do not overlap timewise (for example, Pantheon A attacks B, B attacks C, and C attacks A).

Final Vote

If a Pantheon achieves a victory when attacking a temple, voting among the commanders begins. There are three options:
Capture - With this option, the winning Pantheon occupies the territory of the defeated Pantheon and receives the full reward.
Plunder - With this option, the winning Pantheon does not seize the temple, but it does obtain half of the defeated Pantheon's reward for owning the territory (the defeated Pantheon loses that half).
Burn - This option gives the winning Pantheon the full reward, and the defeated side loses the temple (it becomes empty).

If voting has not been completed, or the winning Pantheon has not made a choice, Plunder is automatically selected.

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