The holiday event "Mysteries of Love" has a long tradition on Aelion. It’s the most romantic holiday – a time to forget about problems, focusing on feelings of affection toward each other instead.

The goddess of Love and Beauty, Thais, is well known for sharing her affection to every creature capable of one of the strongest emotions among living beings. The history goes back far into the past of the goddess. When Thais died many years ago, she was reborn thanks to the power of the heart: love, affection and honesty. In honour of her rebirth, a celebration was created, later called “Mysteries of Love”. The celebration was initially conducted through dancing, singing, festivities until early morning and, of course, delicious food. Nowadays couples and pilgrims often take their journey to the warm and cozy Naori Island, to visit the great Temple of Thais in hopes of receiving the blessing of love from the goddess herself.

The Mysteries of Love holiday event lasts from February 11th until March 9th.

During this time, you can obtain our special Love Packs. In one of them we offer Cupid wings, which gives you special dance options! By pressing “G” > F7 Emotes > F5 you get to invite a friend of yours to a special dance!
Please note: your partner of choice requires the wings as well in order to dance together.

You will also be able to get the "Rose Quartz" holiday currency and exchange these for holiday rewards in the market, as well as participate in other fun activities! In addition, you may stumble upon "Mysterious Trophies" during your adventures, which might contain even more Rose Quartz, fireworks, ether projectors, and more!

What can you do during the Mysteries of Love event?

Postcards with declarations

Do you have your eye on someone? Mysteries of Love is a great time to drop a hint about your feelings! Send a card to your chosen one, and if the choice is mutual, you will learn each other's names. What happens next? Only you can decide! Up to 5 cards per day can be sent.

The Dark Side of Love

An experiment of Flavius’ went wrong! Apparently a dryad has fallen in love with you, causing her to send you some loving surprises while adventuring: a group of Bright Triffids!
These may drop a letter from the Dryad, giving you a unique quest for your adepts. Once your adepts return successfully, they bring you back Rose Quartz and additional consumables from your secret lover.

Beautiful and dangerous

Visit the park every day from 9am to 1pm PST and 6pm to 10pm PST, as we need your help to get rid of another corruption sent by the mad Dryad. Evaluate and eliminate corrupted Triffids in the park to get even more Rose Quartz and other rewards once a day.

Messenger of Love

Become a disciple of Thais and help lonely Immortals fall in love with each other! Once per day you are tasked to find the correct targets in the park and shoot love-causing arrows at them. The goddess of love will be quite pleased, providing Rose Quartz and other consumables as a reward!

Quest: Arbiter of Fates (Quest Chain)

Do you think love is easy? It can be. But what do you do in tricky situations? A young man named Gaius faces just such a dilemma: three lovely girls are in love with him. Learn their stories and help him make his choice! Goddess Thais will tell you how to become a true deity of love.

Heed the call of the goddess, Thais, and enter the "Secret Room" adventure via the Observatory.

Important: To enter the Secret Room, you must have completed the relevant quest from the main Storyline.

History of the Mysteries of Love

Want to know more about the background story of the Mysteries of Love? Then visit Thais in the park. She will give you a glimpse into the past and the actual development of what caused her death and rebirth!

What can you receive during the event?

A new follower: Antoine Loventon

After completing the quest chain “Supreme Arbiter” you will become quite the attraction. Make sure to visit the Hall of Greatness. Antoine Loventon, a rare, charming and endearing adept will be waiting for you.

The dress and suit for a romantic date
Dress to impress! This dress is adorned with butterflies and a rose of stunning beauty, making you the guaranteed object of attention at any party!

For the perfect gentleman: a suit that smartly catches this seasons colour of red!

New Hairstyles: "Ornate Fantasy"

For the perfect date you'll need the perfect hairstyle! Slightly curly and with assorted flowers for the lady and a dashing haircut for the gentleman.

Fireworks and hologram

A holiday can only be perfect with special fireworks. Target another player and fire off the rockets of love into the air! This will surely impress him or her, the name of your affection painted into the sky!

Or purchase one of the newest wonders of technology: the hologram! Projecting different variations of hearts into thin air, it’s the perfect little extra for a nice dating picnic. Both the fireworks and hologram can be purchased in the marketplace or obtained from the mysterious trophies.

Love Packs

Do you wish to walk the path of the reunited lovers? Perhaps you merely seek to rekindle your passion for destruction, or find tranquillity? Regardless of what waits in store, we've got instant access to the Kinetic & Monk Classes, unique costume colourations, and new Valentine Wings to help you reach your goals! Check out the Love Packs today!

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