Grand Prix Prototype 1

To take part in the races players require special tickets. These can be earned through adventures or from the Market via the Special Offers section. Grand Prix Prototype 1 tickets will appear as rewards for completing adventures only after the first operational environment update.

Each player must have at least one free adept in their Order who can be designated as the prototype racing pilot.

Races last 8 hours but can be instantly ended by spending argents.

The adepts' characteristics do not influence their performance. Only luck determines what spot a pilot will achieve.

Only one pilot can participate in a race at a time, but as soon as their race completes they can be sent on another.


There are two types of race rewards: Guaranteed and Extra.

Guaranteed rewards

Each completed race increases your progress on a scale of guaranteed prizes.

Upon reaching a certain value on the scale, players will receieve a reward. Among the guaranteed rewards are outfits, mounts, and ability sets.

Once the maximum on the guranteed scale is reached, players will receieve access to the second scale which has different rewards: Holy Texts, Special Enhancement Stones, and Spark replicators.

Extra rewards

Extra rewards are provided at the completion of each race.

Participation in each race is provides different prizes, which include:

  • Combat Consumables,
  • Ammunition and Supplies,
  • Holy Texts,
  • Spark Replicators,
  • Extra progress for guaranteed prizes.

Important notes

Special enhancement stones are similar to regular enhancement stones, but with two exceptions:

  • Players can not mix the different types of stones (special or regular) when combining into higher ranked stones.
  • The sale price for special stones is fixed.

Switching between class ability and talent sets does not consume transformation sparks and is only available outside of combat.

Once the event has ended, any unused tickets will automatically be converted back into credits at the purchase rate.

Additional information

- Fury Glider stats - - Repair Hornscute stats -
- Endurance: 5162
- Speed: 13 m/s
- Regeneration: 516.2/s
- Summoning: 2s

The glider increases character speed by 85%. When driving forward, without making sharp turns, the speed bonus increases to 125% after a few seconds.
- Endurance: 4156
- Speed: 11.2m/s
- Regeneration: 415.6/s
- Summoning: 2s

The repair hornscute increases character speed by 60%.
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