During a recent invasion, a Mechanoid Ship was severely damaged causing it to crash onto Aelion’s surface. The wreck site was visited by a special unit of Templars - the Technology and Artefacts Intelligence Division (TAID). Unfortunately, the surviving invaders initiated a self-destruct mechanism upon the researcher’s arrival. The Templars require reinforcements from the most reliable units available, the Immortal’s Adepts, so they can save useful artefacts and technology before it’s destroyed!

From December 23rd to January 6th, every immortal hero can send their loyal adepts to help the Templars recover any beneficial pieces of equipment for continuing our understanding of the Mechanoids. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring glory to your Order and earn fabulous rewards in the process!

Participation Rules

Any immortal that has reached 2050 prestige, established their Order (L key) and completed a series of tutorials can take part in this event.

Adepts will require Scout Tokens to begin their search. You can obtain these in PvE adventures among trophies from bosses, find them in equipment sets from PvP battles, buy them in the market in the Events section, or receive them as a random reward for participation in the promotion.

Once the promotion begins, Scout Tokens will become part of the rewards for completing adventures in the first tactical situation update following its activation.

Your character’s Order must also have at least one free adept that can be sent out on a mission.

As soon as tokens are received, you are able send an adept on a mission, using the special interface (9 key).

The mission will be completed within 8 hours, but it can be instantly ended for Argents.

Adept stats will not affect their performance.

Adepts will complete these missions alone. As soon as it has ended, you can immediately send them on to their next mission.


There are two types of rewards for participating in this promotion: Guaranteed and Extra.

Guaranteed Rewards

Each completed mission increases your progress on the guaranteed reward scale.

After achieving a certain level on the scale, you will receive a reward. Among the guaranteed rewards you will find the Scout Researcher Costume & Headwear, Glider Gliss, Moah Wanderer, and a huge number of Victor’s Medals. You can spend these on special nodes of destruction, creation and balance. In contrast to regular nodes, they do not need ether cores for upgrades! In addition, Appearance Modification Tokens will be added to the list of prizes. You can use them to change your appearance for free when you speak to Quinta in the Research Center.

When you reach the end on the first scale for guaranteed rewards, you will gain access to the next scale, which offers different rewards: Holy texts, Enhancement Stones, Spark and Tactical Sense Replicators, as well as an Appearance Modification Token.

Extra Rewards

Extra rewards are given upon completion of each mission.

You will receive different prizes once missions are completed, including:

  • Combat consumables,
  • Resources for enlightening adepts,
  • Tactical Sense and Spark Replicators,
  • Celestial Threads,
  • Victor’s Medals,
  • Appearance Modification Token,
  • Special equipment enhancement stones,
  • Scout Tokens,
  • Holy Texts,
  • Extra progress points on the guaranteed reward scale.

If an adept manages to crush a really dangerous enemy, you can expect one of the following rewards:

  • 1,000,000 credits,
  • 12,000 Argents and 100 Scout Tokens,
  • 500 progress points on the guaranteed reward scale.


1. Special Enhancement Stones are the same as the regular ones, but with two exceptions:

  • When combining you cannot mix the different types of stones (special or regular);
  • The selling price of special stones is fixed.

2. You cannot receive more than 135 Scout Tokens when participating in PvE and PvP activities.

3. When the event ends, all unused tokens will automatically be converted back into credits at the purchase rate. Your character must spend 30 minutes outside the game world for the credits to be added.

4. Appearance modification tokens do not include name changes.

Additional Information

Gliss Glider stats:

  • Stamina: 3611;
  • Speed: 13 yd/sec;
  • Regeneration: 361.1 hp/sec;
  • Summon time: 2 sec.

Moah Wanderer stats

  • Stamina: 4298;
  • Speed: 12.6 yd/sec;
  • Regeneration: 429.8 hp/sec;
  • Summon time: 2 sec.

Note that stamina and regeneration stats depend on your character’s current Prestige.

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