Attention, immortals!

December 21st to January 4th, your adepts will have a chance to try on the shoes of real archeologists with the Ancient Bones promotion. The forthcoming excavations are of massive significance for understanding the history of our planet, so everyone that helps scholars of Aelion will be generously rewarded.

Participation Rules

Any immortal that has reached 1000 points of prestige can take part in this promotion.

You will require Water Reserves. You can obtain these in PvE adventures or receive them as a random reward for participation in the event. In addition, you can just use credits to start the quests.

Once the promotion begins, water reserves will become a part of rewards for PvE activities in the first tactical situation update.

To take part in the event, open the special interface (9 key). You can assign a single task to your adepts that will keep them occupied for 8 hours, or you can start ten quests at once and complete them immediately!

Single missions can also be instantly completed, if you have stimulants or the necessary amount of argents.

As soon as one quest has been completed, you can send your adepts to the next one.


There are two types of rewards for participating in this promotion: guaranteed and extra.

Guaranteed Rewards

Each completed mission increases your progress on the guaranteed reward scale.

After achieving a certain level on the scale, you will receive a reward. Promotion prizes await! They include: opponent knowledge, credits, Premium subscription, and also a Desert Moahsaur and a Desert Rider Costume!

Additionally, participating in that promotion will get you victor's medals that you need to increase the rank of corresponding upgrades in the Trophy Hall. Increase the efficiency of all your Bastions by 10%!

Trophy Bonuses

Rank Bonus Value
1 +1% bonus to Bastion efficiency 2000 Victor's Medals
2 +2% (3% in total) bonus to Bastion efficiency 6000 Victor's Medals
3 +3% (6% in total) bonus to Bastion efficiency 12000 Victor's Medals
4 +4% (10% in total)bonus to Bastion efficiency 20,000 Victor's Medals

When you achieve the maximum on the first scale for guaranteed rewards, you will gain access to the next scale, which offers different rewards: opponent knowledge, credits, victor's medals, and Premium subscription.

Extra Rewards

Extra rewards are given upon completion of each mission.

You will receive different prizes once missions are completed, including:

  • combat consumables,
  • stimulants,
  • Knowledge of Enemies,
  • Victor's Medals,
  • credits,
  • participation requests,
  • extra progress points on the guaranteed reward scale.

If your adepts manage to set new records, you will have a chance to receive one of three premium rewards:

  • 1,000,000 credits,
  • 12,000 argents,
  • 500 progress points on the guaranteed reward scale.


You cannot receive any more than 135 participation requests when participating in PvE activities.

When the event ends, all unused reserves will automatically be converted back into credits. Your character must spend 30 minutes outside the game world for the credits to be added. If requests are received after the event has ended, the credits will be returned the next day when you first enter the game.

Desert Moahsaur stats:

  • increases a character's movement speed by 105%;
  • Stamina and Regeneration stats depend on a character's current prestige;
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