Inghar Test Area

«Inghar» Test Area comprises 21 challenges: 7 «Survival» challenges, 7 bosses, and 7 specific quests. One challenge has monsters of one of the seven armies: Mechanoids, Phytonides, Gorgonides, Reapers of Death, Demons, Mantides, or Oceanids.


Between challenges, there is a short pause (less than a minute) where you can switch classes or trophies. If you do not need the pause and the group is ready for battle, you can launch the next stage manually using the console in the center of the platform. Exceptions are the first stage and stages right after bosses: the pause is not limited in time and the next stage can only be launched manually. The challenges are mixed into groups of five with a boss at the end and run infinitely. For each killed boss, you get an intermediate reward that grows bigger as you progress.


You can see what challenge comes next in the task list during the pause.



You need to survive enemy attacks for 3 minutes. Enemies belong to the same army. You can find out which enemy you will fight before the challenge and thus prepare for it.



One of the 7 bosses of the «Inghar» Test Area that you need to kill. One and a half minute into the fight, the boss flies into a rage and their attacks become stronger.



A Templar tank got caught in Flavius's trap, and you need to defend it against Oceanids until "Aelion’s brightest mind" frees it. In this challenge, the Oceanids occasionally start attacking the tank with increased power. The monsters will be marked by a special symbol at the time, so you need to pay attention and react accordingly. The tank must be protected for the specified period of time, and then you will need to finish off the remaining Oceanids. The task will be counted as completed then.


Entid Progenitors

3 Entids appear on the platform and start spawning troops of Phytonides. Each Entid has a special aura. It protects all Phytonides in the area of effect except the Entids themselves. You need to kill the 3 Entids and all Phytonides they have spawned within the allowed time frame. When an Entid dies, the remaining Entids start spawning more powerful Phytonides and do it more frequently.


Ritual of the Reapers

There is a Ritualist in the center of the platform. He is protected by a shield which is powered by 3 altars. If you kill monsters next to the altars, they will malfunction and stop protecting him. You need to disable all 3 altars and kill the Ritualist after that. The task is made difficult by the ghostly hands that the Ritualist constantly attacks the immortals with. You will also need to complete the task within the allowed time frame.


Mechanoid Squad

Occasionally, Elite Rethiarii spawn on the platform. If you take them out, a Scissor squad will appear, and if you kill them, Oculats will spawn. To complete the challenge, you need to eliminate the required number of Oculats and do that within the allowed time frame.



You need to eliminate 4 elite Cryptides which spawn one by one each time you kill one. What makes the task difficult is that the Cryptides leave pools on the platform which are poisonous to immortals but heal all creatures of the Mantide army. In addition to that, when a Cryptide dies, a large swarm of Wingers flies out of its dead body. Just like in other challenges, you need to complete the task within the allowed time frame.


Demon Portals

Portals appear on the platform, and Demons start arriving through them. The portals are unstable and disappear after 30 seconds. You need to destroy the required number of portals. The longer the portal exists, the more powerful Demons start emerging from it.



You need to eliminate an elite squad of three Crespions. Each of them has a unique ability. You need to decide in what order they should be killed. Keep in mind that killing a Crespion makes the remaining ones stronger. You also need to act quickly as there is a time limit.



Phenomena, Emanations, Enhancements

Occasionally, anomalies appear in the test area which Flavius calls Phenomena. They have a great impact on what is happening, and there are several types of them. You can interact with the anomalies before they are activated, i.e. before the challenge starts. Read the description of the phenomenon to find out what it does. You can postpone it (only once) or turn it into an amplifier. To interact with the phenomena, you need to collect emanations that drop from strong and elite monsters. Different actions require a different number of emanations.


List of Phenomena

Dangerous Thugs - Something has angered the invaders. Thugs are going to inflict increased damage.

Fatal Strikes - It looks like the invaders have discovered an unknown power source. Strikes that can be avoided will be much more powerful.

Emanations - A reserve power supply is provided for traps in distortions, so now you can obtain more emanations from monsters.

Health for Damage - The unbounded magic of distortions affected all participants in an unexpected way: the lower their health level, the greater their damage. Warning: it works the same for opponents!

Fear - Soon, malicious skulls will appear from between the folds of space. These relics of ancient magic can frighten even an immortal!

Liquid Fire - The anomalous activity of distortions creates pools of liquid flame. Avoid them!

Firestorm - A firestorm will appear from a distortion. It poses a great danger!

Heyday - There are 9 types of Phenomenon (the number of attacking classes). It enhances the attacks of the class specified in the phenomenon by 50%.


List of Enhancements

Fire Shield - Grants a fire aura which inflicts damage to all monsters around the bearer. Costs 70 emanations.

Healing Zones - A few zones appear on the platform in which the immortals' health is quickly restored. Costs 50 emanations.

Divine Spark - You can assume the divine form for 3 minutes. Costs 90 emanations.

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