Aelinar: Divine Observatory

Aelinar is the capital of Aelion. A magnificent megalopolis, a center of civilization for gods and heroes. Among the high spires of Aelinar, the winds of eternity interweave with the luminance of modern times - what the immortals build lasts millennia, as they use the most advanced technology. 

For the residents of Aelion, the capital is more than just a city. It is a symbol of hope, protection, and a new world. When the great god Aeli, who had been protecting the planet for thousands of years, disappeared, Aelion was plunged into chaos. The citadels of the past fell, destroyed by the cataclysm, wars, and invasions. But the immortals found the strength to join their forces and defeat the hostile invaders, as well as to pacify their own ambitions. The gods swore to the mortal that Aelion would be forever united. And that was when Aelinar was built.

The Research Center in Aelinar is the domain of Flavius, a god scientist. Flavius participated in the planning and construction of the capital. One of the first structures built that were also designed by Flavius was the Research Center, and it became both a laboratory and a home to Flavius. The Research Center allows the immortals to learn, develop, and improve their divine skills. Here they learn combat techniques of various schools, research and enhance the structure of the Ascension Atlas.

The Divine Observatory is sort of a headquarters, a rapid reaction center that receives the pleas and prayers of mortals. It is also where the archive is located that stores wisdom and knowledge accumulated by the gods. The Divine Observatory is always crowded: from here, the immortals go on missions; it is also where they return to after completing them. They use the archive and study various monsters using holograms. In the center of the Divine Observatory, there is a model of Aelion - a small hologram of the planet. It is an interactive interface that receives prayers of mortals that plead for help. Every immortal can respond to any call and go to the specified point on the globe in mere moments. The actions of immortals are coordinated by goddess Herida. God Asterius is focused on another of its important aspects: he maintains the archive and writes the Encyclopedia of Aelion which encompasses all knowledge about the planet and invasions.

The Aelinar park is the face of the city. Walking along the magnificent enfilades designed by Flavius, the immortals relax and recover strength before venturing out on new missions. The god scientist performed the necessary calculations to determine the best proportions for creating harmony in the souls of those who would come here to enjoy peace and quiet. While the Divine Observatory and the Research Center are strictly functional areas, the Park is first and foremost a resting place. Here the immortals engage in peaceful activities, socialize, exchange news, as well as purchase or sell trophies using special terminals.

When an immortal performs feats, people start believing in them. Their followers gather in the Hall of Greatness to honor the immortal that makes the journey towards divinity. The immortal inspires their most dedicated followers to feats, thus making them into heroes. From here, you can send your heroes on missions.

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