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Defeated Thanatos - Affinity guild run :D

Finally, Affinity defeated Thanatos with a full guild run. 

Congratulation all <img smile-sign=

Thank you our nice guild leader - hera oppa and latte sama for best leading and  sacrifice time to do guide & practice us <img smile-sign=

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Champion of Inghar Champion of Inghar | unknown date
Hello, Skyforge Player :D

Hello, Skyforge Players ;D

I am Lala Twinstars, Recruitment Commander of Affinity pantheon. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any question about Affinity recruitment or if you willing to join Affinity. 

I'm very welcome to answer every question :D

Affinity Pantheon

Affinity , a renowned Singapore based Guild is open for recruitment for all SEA-based active players who wish to be the in the top 5 pantheons! Join us today and aim to be the top pantheon in Asia.

Distortion/Raid usually scheduled at weekend of Singapore timezone (GMT +8)

Affinity - PVE Guild for GMT+8 timezones (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philipine, Taiwan, PH, HK, JP, South Korea, VN, Thailand, Australia) | 4th PVE rank& 2rd PVP rank| Super Friendly members ^-^  | Welcome all :D

Thank you ;D

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