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Simple Guide to Min/Max Popular DPS (for rookies)

1. Choose a build - select two primary stats (str/luck/val/spirit) to focus on, paired with their respective secondary stats (accuracy, crit chance, temper, and charge recovery). Your goal will be to get more of your selected stats whenever possible, while minimizing others. This will be the case with whatever DPS class you're using. Thus I suggest Strength/Luck build, which is the most versatile, though Str/Val and Val/Luck are often used as well. ALWAYS avoid stamina and might (until much higher level)

Notice Strength and Luck are drastically higher than the other stats. Carry this to the extreme.

2. Ascension Atlas - aim only for the symbols you need. Most commonly used symbols include Warriors Creed, Maximum Recoil, Ultimate Strength, Mobilization, Warrior's Creed, Element of Surprise, Lascerated Wound, Mark of Death, Painful Spasm, Compressive Trauma, and Survivor's Instinct. For a DPS avoid especially defensive symbols early on. Go for the needed symbols directly, and only branch out to obtain the nodes of the two stats you've selected (blue node stats). Greatness is not especially needed, and Paladin symbol is the only defensive symbol you use. (you will need to unlock all class symbols also for the symbol slots)

My symbol table, for reference. Sparkling symbols are the ones I use you may want to follow.

3. Temple Rank - temples offer high ratio of stamina/might:prestige and therefore must be avoided. However, sufficient might and stamina are still required, so a recommended temple ranking of around 20-25 max is favorable where you avoid upgrading temple ranks afterward. Work on obtaining maximum influence from each district by doing artifact adept missions. And place adepts that give desirous blue-node stats in each district. Keep in mind that adepts giving the same blue-node stats cannot exceed 4.

The adepts I use give strength and luck. This is the two stats I use.

4. Boosters - avoid mainhand weapon and offhand weapon boosters as these give mostly might and stamina (undesirable stats). Maximize ring boosters as they give you the stats your ring has, and also might efficiency. Buying bionic ornament booster from the invasion shop helps.

Ornament booster (bottom) is drastically upgraded while weapon boosters (top) are not

5. Equipment (rings) - Always use blue and above weapon if you're not a God (under 30.5k prestige), and epic (purple) weapons if you're a God. Specific mainhand and offhand weapons are favored for each class, but specific rings are used according to your Build and Role. For dps classes following my str/luck build, use Deft Assassin's Ring if you can get them. Other popular rings include: Brave Trooper Ring (Str/val - gunner), Firm Executioner's Ring (Str/spirit - knight), Noble Templar Ring (Val/spirit - lightbinder), Ambitious Officer's Ring (luck/spirit - alchemist), and Reckless Fighter Ring (val/luck - archer). These rings have square-shaped inscriptions, and keep all of them in case you change your class and role. If you cannot obtain 4 of the rings, try using rings of the same color (purple for assassins rings), as they give the same primary stats. If you have obtained 150 fluids of incarnation, buy an Executioner's Signet to pair with Deft Assassin's Str/Luck build. Pioneer Ring pairs with val/luck, Bloodied Signet pairs with violence, Ring of Destruction with str/val, and Veterans Signet for tanking.

Optimal ring build for str/luck (archer), str/val (gunner), and luck/spirit (alchemist)

6. Vectors and Nodes - focus on the upgrade of the NODES of the vector of balance, and the VECTOR RANK of the vectors of destruction and creation. This way blue node stats are prioritized at a favorable ratio. Dont forget to select one of your chosen two primary stats, along with might, in the destruction and creation vectors. If you have victor medals to spare, buy free node of balance first, then destruction, then creation.

Notice Vector of Destruction (13) has much higher vector ranking than balance (3), while the individual nodes in balance is higher. Strength and might is selected in the vector's "active stas" in this case.

7. Invasion shop - I do not advise obtaining victor medal in any way other than pomotional events (cheaper this way), and preferably you only spend them during times of discount (happens almost every month, so wait a bit) If you have medals to use, buy the items in the following order: 4 dual chapels, 2 aeli's legacy, 2 survivor's tokens, bionic ring booster, nodes of balance, nodes of destruction, nodes of creation, developmental talents I and II, bionic mainhand booster, bionic offhand booster. 

8. Mastering your class - Find recent guides created by veteran players regarding the best usage of each class and their preferred stats. While each class uses different stats at first, most can utilize str/luck once you've leveled enough (have enough orange chapels from the god of authority). Until then, focus on upgrading strength and luck from the ascension atlas while you can still use other stats in changeable areas like vector rank, rings, and adept influence.

9. God Specialization - God specialization is very important for sophisticated mastery of your role in groups. For a PVE dps, you would want to have god of authority first (for eternity light and runes of destiny) and god of Hunt (trophy efficiency and symbols). Work separately on the god of Travels (patron of travellers and heat of battle). God nodes will elevate your dps even in scaled content. (If you still min/max, stick to using offensive symbols)

Good Luck!

Reminder, this guide is most effective for low level players. Priorities may change as you level up. Please consult other veteran players on this issue.

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.Gif Works?

Just some o' my patchwork creations.

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Hi this is just a reminder to fellow OPM fans, 61st Punch is out and not too shabby. Here's Genos looking awesome as usual.

Gotta say Murata is amazing

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A glitch turned my God form twice its normal size, tiny control panel 4 scale

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I don't usually ship but when I do...

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