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Arbiter of Fates Arbiter of Fates | unknown date
Mix & Match Contest Reward

Its been 2 month, haven't got the reward. I became 1st on NA server and was supposed to get regional 1st place rewards. 

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Elder God Elder God | unknown date
Pantheon Propaganda 2017

😞 My premium did not come

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Primordial God Primordial God | unknown date
No title

Hey chibs I've got an issue and I know a lot of other player do too, it's with you false advertising. I've been trying to get the issue sorted out with your support team but all they do ignorantly post the same copy pasted reply over and over. So here

you can see 11/25/16 and event called Black Friday: top up sale where you could buy argents and get bonus argent

you can also see 11/28/16 an event called Black Friday: Argent Payback where argents you spent on the 28th would be refunded to you on the 13th

Now in the argent payback it makes it clear that only argents bought during that event time frame will be counted, but then the very last line was extremely interesting. It says argents from the top up promotion will also be counted. The top up promotion was what you named the event that happened on the 25th.

And now I'm being told by your egs that wasn't suppost to be there and you're support don't seem to understand or care what false advertisement is or how bad it is for your company. So I figured i'ld go to the top and see if mabey the man who made they post actually gives any fucks at all about his mistake since the support don't.

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