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What do you take me for? I don't search the web like that!

Someone does not READ! It's an investigation to why some people are getting viruses from the torrent, which is not really MyComGames fault. However, to a point it is their fault for the torrent not being so secure as they say it is. Really I don't know what to think? I was getting all sorts of issues while using my browser and it acted really strange at times. Not everyone gets the same adware or malware, but literally there is a chance you could get infected! Some hackers might leech and add some adware or malware. So literally to why I'm blogging my sources is a reason to investigate the suspicious activity that some people are literally getting as they download during the seeding process. Also to add, why even have an option to turn off seeding? There is no way to turn of the seeding! So technically MyComGames lying to me, saying my download won't be slower speed is false, when it slows down the speed. No way to turn off the seeding and even having a start-up program that slows down your bandwidth is unnecessary! I'm not happy with the feedback and especially how rude they were! Still, if it was really MyComGames, then really I think everyone would notice it. However, only some that downloaded the launcher have not liked the results or had issues of system corruption. I found some scans on the internet that people have posted of their results. So literally not taking this seriously, you're literally getting your embarrassment of not reading. SO PLEASE READ NEXT TIME!

Pulling up from sources, the common browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and also Google Chrome are inevitably to be attacked. MyComGame's torrent could add a deceptive adware that installs side pop-up ads and might configure some links directly to malicious sites. I'm not saying this is MyComGames! It's just suspicious activity that people have noticed after they downloaded the game.

Have you even seen their mail app? It's encrypted data being sent are not so secure! Literally any one can hack into your credentials and make use of your email! Not so secure isn't it? I think not! I never used this mail app, but still I searched mostly every game or app MyComGames has released and found results of complaints for suspicious activity. I'm quite aware of the same results that happened to me. It's quite legit that their mail app is not so secure.

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Pioneer Pioneer | unknown date
Thinking of comin back to the game...

and actually bought the gunslinger advanced pack, but now reading all the pre-patch feedback I am worried. Is it really that bad? Should I try to get a refund?

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