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How long before the Mix & Match winter contest ends?

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Sparks after reset

Hello, I started this game 3 weeks ago and loved it so much I've even payed for patron status. Last week after reset I only had 9k sparks of insight available as my limit. My neighbor who started with me had over 80k limit after reset. Being new I thought maybe there was a quest or something that I hadn't done to unlock the full set of available sparks. so I went the whole week getting nothing but costume threads cause I had no sparks available. THEN this yesterday after reset my sparks of insight limit was only 8527... I filed a ticket (Ticket ID: PAA-442-59133) to get this problem fixed and the reply was that if you go over your spark limit during a dungeon you still get the rewards and it is subtracted from the next reset's limit. So they're saying for two weeks straight I somehow managed to go over my spark limit by 80,000 and that's why I'm not allowed to have sparks. Now I'm still very new at this game but how can you get 80,000 sparks from one dungeon and how in the world does that carry on for two weeks when I haven't had any sparks available to spend. Now I don't know if people just don't want to look into my account but clearly at 38119 prestige there's no way I spent over 160,000 extra sparks in my first week and for the rest of my gaming life I should never receive any available sparks???? Surely there's a mistake somewhere and all I ask is for it to be fixed. I mean I maybe new to the game but please tell me how everyone else gets over 80k sparks of insight available and yet your records are correct and I'm the only one that should get 8k sparks to last all week long and hope I don't do a single quest cause that might put me over the spark limit and I haven't even got to play the game since reset.

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Swimsuit Templates

I can't seem to get large versions of the templates for the swimsuit contest. Could you link some to me?

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