Enigma Machine Pantheon (Rank V) Recruitment!

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My name XArchaicRogueX and I am with the Pantheon Enigma Machine. it is an active daily play pantheon founded by four close friends who are active daily and wishing to make it more welcoming to new and veteran players. so far we have Only 5 members and we are looking to adding many more.

us dedicated 4 people have already gotten to Rank V and would love to help others and raise it even higher. we have a 100k credit weekly contribution which is a very easy and simple task. looking for any people new or veteran who are willing to have a good time grinding and bullshitting and kick some ass. everyone active is welcome to join!

i look forward to hearing from you all soon!. :D

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Also to all who read this thread we have created an Xbox Club! Enigma Machine Pantheon. all inquiries could be here on the forum itself to myself of directly to the club! looking forward to any new members.

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my name is Mech GL i could not find your club. i have left two pantheons for inactivity so if you active then i am intrested. please messege me somtime. oh, i am 53p at the .


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