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So I only have access to the game on Xbox because I have a Mac rather than a PC (though being able to play on my computer would be pretty dope too, hint hint), but I've been experiencing some pretty shitty glitches during group adventures lately. I know it's not an internet issue because the game runs smoothly on all other platforms and we have the fastest internet available in our area. Anyways, we'll be running to the next destination and my character will just suddenly freeze motion and drop dead out of nowhere. Sometimes it happens during a battle, but the enemy will be a fair distance away and I'll still have full health. It's super frustrating because it usually only happens when I'm with a group and they then lose my support for no reason and have to revive me. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this issue or not.

Another issue that occurs all the time is that when I open up my menu options (character, provinces, etc.) and use the bumper to make selections, I find that my character is moving from her position in the game. This has caused me to be attacked without realizing on multiple occasions because the game has not been able to discern whether or not I am in option mode or not. 

Not huge things, but slightly frustrating! Just wanted to share to see if there's anything you/I can do.

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