can't complete Ignum Monastery quest help

User | unknown date

After I beat Tradius he begs for mercy and becomes not hostile but then nothing happens him ant the other guy just stands there and there is nothing left to kill. am I doing something wrong? I can't find anything about this problem. I'm new to this and I don't know if I'm even asking in the right place.

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Pioneer Pioneer | unknown date

I had this issue. It's been a long time since i Played and i just came back a few days ago. Since youre getting this, this means you need to go back to the Aelinar observatory and talk to Ianna to advance the main story quest. After you talk to her, it'll unlock nerion's castle

User | unknown date

It's fixed now but I couldn't do that because the quest was broken and came up as "Text not found" and keep telling me to go to the shuttle. but thanks for replying.

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