Black Friday Pack Sale!

Elder Guardian Elder Guardian | unknown date

Black Friday is here and all of Aelion is celebrating this weekend! Our Black Friday Extravaganza offers you packs, discounts and more. If you want to treat yourself with a special something you wanted for a long time – now is the chance to get it!

Legacy Pack Sale

There were a lot of costumes to show off and transportations to conquer Aelion with as well as Legendary Weapons available in the past – but for a limited time! Do you want that one thing that you missed? We got you covered!


The Legacy Pack Sale will run from November 24th to November 30th. You will be able to buy all those packs again at a discount! The more packs you own, the higher your discount will go (up to 15%).


Argent Top-Up

From November 24th until November 28th, you’ll be awarded an extra 20% Argents when topping up your current stash!

This includes the bonus Argents already added to the total when making a purchase. Taking advantage of this deal is simple - either click the “Add Argents” button on or in game by clicking the + near your current Argent amount to access the “Add Funds” interface.

Curious to see the exact amounts you’ll receive? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Price - 20% Bonus Argent - Total Argents

$2.99   +500 Bonus           3,000

$6.99   +1,200 Bonus        7,200

$12.99  +2,350 Bonus      14,100

$24.99  +4,800 Bonus      28,800

$49.99  +10,000 Bonus    60,000

$99.99  +21,000 Bonus    126,000


Mega Market Sale


Make sure to visit the market and check the Mega Market Sale! Companions, Costumes, new colors and Transports and even Legendary Weapons will be on sale with an impressive discount.


The Mega Market Sale will be available from November 24th to November 30th.

Valley of Tombs Promotion


Archeologists found the Valley of Tombs in the Wastelands of Aelion! Send you Adepts to the dig site and earn yourself a Mummy Costume and a Bulkhar mount in the Valley of Tombs Promotion. The promotion will end on December 8th.


Enjoy Black Friday and the weekend Immortals! We will see you on Aelion!

-The Skyforge Team

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User | unknown date

can I buy packs here for PS4? like trophy hunter or divine pack

Elder Guardian Elder Guardian | unknown date

This sale is for PC only, sorry :/

User | unknown date

Since the beginning it has not allowed me to buy argents, it says: Incorrect parameter value entered.
Where can I report it ?, I was looking at the support area but in the past I had already sent a ticket and it took me 2 days to respond

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