Weekly Skyforge Maintenance - 11/23/17

Elder Guardian Elder Guardian | unknown date

The Skyforge EU/NA servers will be taken offline Thursday, November 23rd at 1:00am PST for weekly maintenance.

Please find specific details pertaining to the maintenance below:


The purpose of taking the servers offline is to perform weekly maintenance, fixes and localization tweaks.

Patch Notes

Update 95.2.54, which adjusts the way total damage is calculated, has been installed. The stats that affect it now interact with each other a little differently. This change was necessary for a better and more proportional increase in total damage and stat growth.

Combat Superiority now works in the adventure with the champion version of Tol-Monter, but the boss's health has increased.

Metarchus’s Staff will now work with defense and attack classes as well as for support specialists. However, the damage of the other members of the group will still only speed up staff activation for Alchemists and Lightbinders.

The damage from symbols stat has been adjusted. Now it works properly with all symbols that inflict damage. Symbols increasing a companion's damage are the exception. This stat should not apply to their effect.

We updated the Pantheon version of the Inghar Test Area. It now has 2 difficulty levels: relevant to the invasion and with equalizing. They work the same as the difficulty levels for groups and parties. Added Argents to rewards for completing challenges at the actual difficulty level.


  • New items are available in the market. You can now obtain a Beam Glider, Fury Super Glider, Black-Winged Griffin and books that enhance certain types of transport. You can now turn your animals and griffins into to trusty battle mounts, developing their abilities with the help of the Animal Rage, Griffon Attack and Battle Animals books.


  • The way total damage is calculated has been adjusted. Total Damage, Ranged Damage, Support Aura Power and damage bonuses from Flavius's Lab, the Temple of Deeds (God of Defense) and Halls of Elder Gods now interact differently with each other. This change was necessary for a better and more proportional increase in total damage and stat growth.
  • To prevent the damage calculation formula affecting current character might, the role of stats influencing damage was increased.
  • Additional Damage has been renamed Total Damage Bonus.
  • The damage when combat starts stat for characters that have changed their role from attack to defense or support is now working properly.
  • The damage from symbols stat has been adjusted. Now it works properly with all symbols that inflict damage. Symbols increasing a companion's damage are the exception. This stat should not apply to their effect.
  • The Might of Other Worlds bonus now grants +4% damage instead of +3%.
  • The Death Incarnate bonus now grants +20% instead of +15%.

Tower of Knowledge

  • Activated symbols will not work for characters using prototype combat transport. This resolves the problem of premature prototype reset.



  • Fixed the issue where you could use the Battering Ram even without dash charges.


  • Fixed the issue where a break in the Destruction ability did not stop its accompanying sound.


  • Descriptions of equipment no longer duplicate information about their sources.
  • Now when you open an accessory description and click Ctrl, you can see its range of possible properties.
  • Removed the text with stat ranges from items that do not use it.
  • Generation is now only displayed on icons of items that have a generation.


  • Requirements for the Equipment Training quest have been changed. To do this quest, you now have to complete a Group or Squad type adventure.
  • Rewards for directives in Victor's Medals have been moved to the Reward for Feat chest.

Tol-Monter (Champion)

  • Fixed the issue in which combat superiority did not work for characters in the adventure.
  • Boss health adjusted. It had been too low.
  • Fixed the issue where certain circumstances prevented Protheus from summoning Khelps.

Divine Weapon

Metarchus’s Staff

  • Now the enhanced Metarchus's Staff can be used by attack and defense classes, but damage to others will still not affect its activation. For support classes, damage to other group members will continue to speed up staff activation.
  • You cannot become a target of the Metarchus’s Staff defensive ability more than once every 40 seconds.

Inghar Test Area

  • The Pantheon version is available again! It now has 2 difficulty levels: relevant to the invasion and with equalizing. They work the same as the difficulty levels for groups and parties.
  • Updated rewards for challenges: you can now get Argents for the actual difficulty level.
  • Updated the seasonal lottery: 5 players from 10 Pantheons that end up at the top of the ranking table will receive the grey Goliath transport (or 3000 Victor's Medals if they already have it).
  • Fixed the issue where a character went into a queue instead of entering the test area.

Hostile Territories

  • You can receive 30 Marks of the King from ether chests which you could previously only get in distortions.
  • Starting from the 3rd week of the invasion, you can get 5 random equipment pieces from an ether chest instead of 5 items of the same type. There is still a chance of receiving items of the same type.


  • When you are completing the last stage of Final Leap for the first time, you cannot leave it unfinished. This should stop the training quest chain from ending prematurely. Those who do not have access to the Temple of Deeds can now complete the required tutorial.


Approx. ~4 hours

Affected Users

During the maintenance, the Skyforge servers will be inaccessible to all players.

While waiting, why not catch the latest news about Skyforge or chat with other players via the Aelinet!


7 messages
User | unknown date

The lack of communication about the 50% off Victor Medal sale at any point prior to having it happen was a player-hostile thing for the devs to do.

For anyone who spent Victor Medals to get any of those trophies in the past week or month, will they get any compensation for doing so or is it just a 'rude gesture' and complete silence in response?

Considering how expensive the regular prices for these tend to be, some time of compensation for those who recently purchased items (within the past 30 days) would be appreciated by the playerbase.

Founder Founder | unknown date

I second that... I purchased a few upgrades 3 days ago... Would have totally waited if I had known they'd be on sale...

User | unknown date

They also didn't remove & compensate people who purchased Intelligence Data Extractor:

Would be nice if I could get the credits returned to me instead of having a useless currency that may or may not ever be reused again (or reused again at the same price).

Would be nicer if this had been done automatically instead of making people complain about it.  I'd rather be playing the game instead of posting here about stupid things that should not have occurred.

User | unknown date

i discovered a glitch since the last update for PS4 the sound comes and goes sometimes it will start soing this weird color changing thing where it acts like my hdmi cord cable is going out but i replaced it and it still does it and its only with this game. ialso sometimes when i pull up my map or pause screen there will be nothing there its blank

User | unknown date

How about you balance that dumbass revenant class? It's ruining your game and nobody is gonna wanna play it... It's seriously so overpowered and broken.  There's no point of playing anything else on Xbox one... It's ruining everything especially PvP.  Disable the class for PvP or fix it.. quit hoarding money off a broken class and make your game balanced.. It's seriously getting pathetic.

making classes under powered is not going to get anyone to spend money on your game 

stop the stealth nerfing of classes 

making it take hundreds of hits to kill things gets boring real fast 

User | unknown date


Revenant is indeed 'broken' in many ways but most people just use it for PvE purposes.  Since they have separate PvP skills and specs then I agree they might want to work on nerfing the PvP-specific part of that but that would really only be a change for the console versions for those that still PvP.

@Soft Spoken:

Would love to get some details/proof of this stealth-nerfing.  Aside from the major Bastion nerf, I haven't been aware of any class-specific nerfs lately.


We have 15 classes available with 11 of them being DPS.  I believe it would be better for the game if the Bastions hadn't been nerfed so everyone could get a 'Unity' bonus for using different classes (or just make it the default for everyone).  Without that incentive, everyone is playing Revenant and/or Outlaw because they tend to have the lowest 'ultimate' cooldowns and tend to die far less often than a Cryo or any other class.

Kinetics got completely gutted (Sledgehammer for PvP only!?  WHAT!?) and interesting skills like Snowball for Cryo also became PvP-only.

I miss snowballing random mechs in Saiban Archipellago for laughs!

Oh well.  I guess we can cross fingers and hope they may consider a 'legacy' server for those who enjoyed Pre-Ascension on PC.  Maybe leave the console versions as Post-Ascension only.

Selling those 'class packs' on console is already deceptive and consumer-hostile.  If they find out that completing the campaign map unlocks half the classes in the game for free, many console users may no longer wish to support MyCom and the console versions will become ghost towns.


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