Rage of Depths Packs

Elder Guardian Elder Guardian | unknown date

Fear of water lives in every Aelion resident's heart. That is why fighting the hordes of Oceanids is especially difficult for the gods there, although overcoming difficulties is the path to perfection. But during this invasion, the immortals have a new weapon that has the power to reverse the tide of the battle!

From November 15th to 29th (until 10:00 CET), Rage of the Depths Collector’s Packs will be available. You will find new legendary weapons for the Kinetic and the Knight classes, as well as many other useful resources at a tempting price!

Tough shells protect the invaders' vital organs, but the Knight’s spear easily pierces through them. Not a single Oceanid will escape the righteous anger of the ancient defenders of Aelion.

Sea Hunt Pack

  • Kharpoen, Bane of Krakens Legendary Weapon
  • 1,000,000 Credits
  • 15,000 Argents
  • 5,000 Victor`s Medals
  • 10 Stimulants

Kharpoen, Bane of Krakens

  • Endurance increased by 40%. The Whiplash ability will become available for use with any level of character health. If health is above 0 when you use it, the ability will restore the hero and nearby allies to 20% health, and the ability's cooldown is 150 seconds.

Shock Wave Pack

  • Axial, Hammer of Depths Legendary Weapon
  • 1,000,000 Credits
  • 21 days Premium Subscription
  • 10 Stimulants

Axial, Hammer of Depths

  • Critical damage bonus increased by 20%.
  • The Kinetic Pulse ability creates charged spheres around the character. The Energy Wave ability consumes them and deals significant damage, accumulating a Kinetic Charge effect on affected enemies.


If you want the power of both packs combined, you can buy the Rage oft he Depths Combo Pack and save 50%! The packs will be on sale until November 29th 10:00 CET.

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