[NA EST] Guardians of Fate

Our goal is to create a well-balanced community of mature individuals with various level of knowledge of skyforge.

There are no requirements in terms of character status as to who can join at this time.

We are playing in the EST time zone but would enjoy having people from various time zones to help activity in the guild.

We speak english & welcome other languges but ask that you can speak some english, so we can communicate with eachother and be able to pass along information.

We plan on being PVE & PVP oriented and look forward to working together and engaging in boss/raids/dugeons/Pantheon wars/etc as we progress through the game.

We currently have a Discord and Xbox One Club. Most of the guild info and announcements will be found on the Discord so we highly advise you to join the channel.

We do ask that you can be respectful, friendly & willing to help others, so that we can all grow together and learn from one another.

We don't tolerate racial/sexist/homophobic remarks. Just be a kind human.

Any issues will be dealt with by commanders and discussed.


Hiding Fate (Founder)


Munkey Stanks

Whammer Bo

If you want to be apart of the pantheon, do one of the following:

  1. Leave your gamer tag in the comment box!
  2. Direct message me through the forum.
  3. Add the Commander gamertags on xbox  and provide a message saying you're looking to join the pantheon.
  4. Friend request/Message the commanders through discord at dutt#8356 (Hiding Fate), Munkey Stanks#1197 (If it doesn't work try one of the other options.)

We look forward to creating a thriving Pantheon and exploring skyforge!

Thanks for having a look!

Feel free to add me even if you just want another friend to explore skyforge!

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Currently a Rank 6 Pantheon and growing

User | unknown date

I have been seeking a god Pantheon, I have had a lot of invites seeing I am level 66 with over 43k might. I have a mic and I am on EST and normally playing all day. I started my own pantheon when the game came out and I did by myself made it rank 5. 

I am looking for that active guild that is adult based fun group of people to run with gear up with and win with. Please let me know my GT on Xbox is xMUSTARDx 


User | unknown date

prestige 50.. GT " LLLWormWoodLLL "

Unfortunately we have no more spots open until we rank up which should happen later tonight

We are now at Rank 7.

Thank you to all the members who have donated to continuing our growth.

Rank 8 and currently looking for Active and Dedicated players


Hiding Fate

Munkey Stanks


Whammer Bo


Lil Mystical

Message anyone of us on Xbox if you would like an invite or more information.

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