Laughing Coffin Pantheon (Lv 4) Recruiting! [OPEN]

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Pantheon Status: OPEN

Hey guys, Laughing Coffin is recruiting on the Xbox One! We're currently a rank 4 pantheon, but we're pushing ranks fast! We're both PvE and PvP oriented, and we have a mix of PC vets and new players alike.

Requirements to join: 

-Donations to the pantheon (We're trying to hit rank 10, no leeches!)


-Willing to help other members

-At the moment be at least prestige 25+

We currently have 17/20 members, but that will change once we hit rank 5!

If interested message me (founder) on Xbox - Gt: Thrain or one of my commanders - FTG Osiris or Slayings III

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Candy Collector Candy Collector | unknown date

UPDATE: Requirement is now 50+, Guild Rank is now 7.

Slayings III is no longer a member. Message me.

User | unknown date

slaying is no longer a member for what reason? 

User | unknown date

lvl 65 rev cs43%. Gamertag Sun0fTheMorning. The 0in of is a zero

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