Xbox One - PvE Guild

The Name is undecided atm (Dont want to discuss ideas publicly yet)

The Goal of this pantheon will be to be a group of people that are eager to complete the PvE content and help out others with missions/raids and etc. (Maybe PvP as we make progress in the game)

Adults/Mature members preferred, its open to those who want people with the mindset of focusing on PvE content and future PvP content. Mature applies to all ages as I experienced some respectable younger gamers and rude Adults.

Ranking will be based on knowledge and proven experience in the game, and those who can teach others.

You can apply by adding me GT: Eien No Kingu and messaging me your interests in joining! There will also be a club once the name is decided.

Any questions or ideas on improvement of the Pantheon please send to me! All feedback is appreciated.

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Naming it Aelions Scholars and Im us-est but people all around are welcomed as we can have teachers for different time zones

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