Monthly Challenge: Regional Ransack – Results

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For the last month, Aelion’s regions have been under attack from the Demons forces constantly. Ianna has reached out to you and asked all of you to participate in fighting back the regional invasions in the Lanber Forest, Veines and the Diaphran Archipelago.

As compensation for your hard fighting she promised to give each and every one of you an exclusive Golden Lotus mount.


Today we have good news for you Immortals, Junior God and Elder Gods: Out of 350 completed invasions you reached a number of 355 and completed the challenge! You will all be rewarded with the Golden Lotus mount!

We wish you a lot of fun cruising over the surface of Aelion with your new transport and thank you for participating in the October Monthly Challenge!

  • The Skyforge Team

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Would like word on when these are planning to be distributed so that people mid-run don't get the popup and wipe the group.
Also would like to know the eligibility terms for those who would receive them since many people recently joined or weren't able to do specific invasion content.


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