Welcome To The Hall of Pantheons!

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Welcome, Immortals, to the Hall of Pantheons!

Within this hall you will browse the many Pantheons in the Skyforge community. Choosing a community is vital for enjoying the aspects of an MMORPG. You have your serious end-game communities, casual players and even role-playing communities, so be sure to read thoroughly before deciding!

If you are a Pantheon Leader posting a recruitment thread, please keep in mind the following key points:

1. Name of Pantheon.

2. Description of Pantheon and their goals.

3. Requirements of Entry, if applicable.

4. Commanders/Recruiters of Pantheons.

5. How to apply!

However, there are immortals that also prefer to post a thread about themselves and what kind of pantheon they are looking for. Let the pantheons fight for such members! Pantheon Wars approaches..

A friendly reminder to please take some time to review the Skyforge Forum Code of Conduct. For any questions, please refer to the Moderators and Staff of the community!

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