Sale: 30% off Knowledge of Enemies - 10/11/2017

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We’re happy to announce yet another discount-sale. From October 11th to October 18th (1:00am PDT), all Immortals will have the chance to secure one of the most valuable currencies at 30% off the standard price – an extremely useful deal for those looking to improve their character’s efficiency and make their life on Aelion far more comfortable.


Knowledge of Enemies is a vital resource that allows you to upgrade your Tower of Knowledge, thus giving you the means to increase your character’s base stat: Might. The higher its value, the more efficient your capabilities of handling the challenges that beset you in Aelion. Don’t forget that you can also unlock a new class using Knowledge of Enemies, and that many of the Trophy Hall promotions also increase your character’s Might boost from the Tower of Knowledge at a drastic rate. The higher the stat, the further its boost! Don’t miss your chance to grab this vital resource at a whopping 30% discount!

The sale will end in one week – don’t miss it!

Not enough Argents to get the items you want? No problem! Just follow the link and top up now!



-The Skyforge Team

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