It designs for a new mode of game or changes in the pantheon wars

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My proposal is the following one: Every pantheon will have a temple or spaceship that him belongs and which will have to defend of assaults of other pantheons. The assaults will be able to be done at any time, not in the specific days, and there will be able to take part all the members online in this moment, without importing his prestige. The assault always will have to be initiated by an official or top range. In the defense of a temple or spaceship also the allied pantheons will be able to take part.  Every pantheon will have a limited quantity of parliaments, that they will allow to enter an instance of peace, where it will not be able to be attacked. It will be able to withdraw the parliament, but it will not be able to use it again in a certain time, staying exposed to new assaults. If the temple is attacked successfully, it will enter in a period of repair of damage, where it will not be able to receive assaults. If an assault turns out to be unsuccessful attack, the temple be entered in a period of repair of some minutes, and again it will be able to be attacked. I hope that my idea is understood, any suggestion is welcome :)

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