Return of the Skyforge Anniversary Packs

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Your blade may be sharp, your bow may be strung tight, your alchemy lab may be flowing optimally and you may know your spell incantations off by heart – but do you have all 54 packs from our gargantuan Anniversary celebration? If not, welcome to the return of Skyforge’s Anniversary mega pack sale, giving you a progressive (5-15%) discount on the largest selection of Skyforge packs to date – the more you own, the lower the costs!


Missed out on packs of the past? Is there a certain costume, mount or bundle of goodies you simply must get your hands on? Or maybe you’d just like to treat yourself to a big bucket of in-game goodies? Whatever the motive, be sure to check out the Skyforge Anniversary Sale before it’s too late!


If there really is a must-have pack in the huge collection of available offers, now is the time to look them up and grab them at a discounted price.

This fantastic event will end on the 1st of October – we hope you enjoy the return of this celebratory sale and whatever the future brings to your adventures across Aelion. See you in-game!

-The Skyforge Team

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