[Completed] Weekly Skyforge Server Maintenance – 09/13/2017

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UPDATE: The maintenance is completed and the servers are back online. Have fun on Aelion!

The Skyforge EU/NA servers will be taken offline Wednesday, September 13th at 1:00am PDT for weekly maintenance.

Please find specific details pertaining to the maintenance below:


The purpose of taking the servers offline is to perform weekly maintenance, fixes and localization tweaks.


Approx. ~4 hours

Patch Notes


Territory Invasion

  • The Demons have struck another region... Veines is under attack! Gather your friends, explore the region under attack and work together to fight off the threat and defend Aelion!

Elder Gods

The Halls of Elder Gods is here, get a first glance at the new Elder Gods in “Orbit” of your Capital and prepare yourself to face the Avatar of the Demons, Nihaz, to ascend further into divinity. More information about the new Godforms will come as Nihaz approaches Aelion!

Known Issues:

  • Loca is missing in several places in the game, it will be added as soon as possible.
  • Revenant pack has been swapped out and the contents replaced, however the loca for it is also missing.
  • Quest for the new Hostile Territories have been handed out, but will only be available when Nihaz arrives.

More Patch Notes incoming

Affected Users

During the maintenance, the Skyforge servers will be inaccessible to all players.

While waiting, why not catch the latest news about Skyforge or chat with other players via the Aelinet!


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The Halls of Elder Gods is here, get a first look at the new Elder Gods in Circle of your Capital and set yourself up to confront the Avatar of the Demons, Do My Coursework Online Nihaz, to climb facilitate into eternality. More data about the new Godforms will come as Nihaz approaches Aelion.

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