Summer Breeze Event Is Starting!

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We would like to invite you to the most exiting holiday of the season. It is especially hot this year so get the right gear on and let's head to the beach!

Enter Skyforge every day from August 9 to 23 and receive wonderful gifts!


Are you looking for thrills even on the holidays? Great! Visit the park where you can hire Graviblades, or head to Naori Island. The local administration has organized real races - saddle up your favorite Moah or Pegasus and move forwards towards victory!


The winner gets a unique colored racing costume and the other participants will at least get a Summer Box! Even characters that finish last get a prize. Inside the box, you will find:

  • Credits,
  • Knowledge Of Enemies,
  • Victor's Medals,
  • Argents,
  • Sunny Coins, which can be spent on holiday items in the Events section in the market.

The prizes could also include four new emotions: Beach Vision, Play Ball, Astral Yoga and Juggle. Amaze your friends with your unusual abilities!

Would you like some gifts? Take a look in the market. You can get your hands on any number of summer boxes and obtain all the rewards right now!

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Hey NA Community,

Awesome first race with everyone. Hopefully you all got an idea of what its like and in the future, plan out your way through the course and to the finish line! Any feedback, let us know below!

Players Turning Me Into A Snowman At The Finish Line

Players Getting Ready For The Race

Players At The Finish Line

User | unknown date

😂  The snowman is too dang funny.   

Thanks for posting that.  )

The races are a fun way to wrap up the summer.  I enjoyed running around Naori island with Pantheon members.  Betting who would place first and last place. 

User | unknown date

is this coming to ps4 also?

Pioneer Pioneer | unknown date

Please! Please! I'd love if you made Graviblader a true mount!!! Make it official!!! Please!!!

I'm a roller skate lover!!!


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