Days of Glory Tribute

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Could you somehow publish this as like a Days of Glory tribute or something?


I stared at the house in front of me amazed. It was run down, to say the least. Broken glass, tiles hanging from the roof, a wooden porch that was rotting away. And to think, that this was the house of a God, more specifically a veteran from the Battle of Aelinar. I looked at the letter again just to make sure I was in the right place. Lake Erian, Lanber Forest. Sure enough, this was it. I stepped onto the porch, and walked to the front door. Do I knock? I thought. After contemplating whether or not this story was worth it, I finally knocked. To my surprise the door opened, but there was no one inside. And so, now determined to get a story, I stepped inside, and began to search around. The inside of the house did not look much better than the exterior. There was a spiral staircase leading to the second floor, and down to the basement. Most of the stairs on it though, were broken, or missing. The paint on the walls was faded. There were cobwebs in every doorway and the entire house was filled with dust. I ventured until I found what I assume was the kitchen. It smelled like a rotting Hornscute carcass. And there was a week’s worth of food on the counter. The sink was overflowing with dishes, and the fridge was almost empty. As I continued my search I heard a sound come from the second floor. I carefully made my way up the steps, trying to be as quiet as possible. As I came to the top I heard a faint voice coming from the end of the hall. I took a few steps forward, when one of the panels beneath me began to squeak. I froze. The voice had fallen silent. I carefully took another step forward, when the door to my left flew open, and I had the edge of a sword at my throat. I slowly turned my head, and saw a man, well older than myself, standing in the doorway holding the sword. “Unless you came to die, I suggest you leave.” He told me, with a chilling steel voice. “Forgive me.” I said as I took a step back. “My name is Duran Barkell. I am an Aelinet reporter. I was wondering if you would-.” “I told you.” He said “I’m not interested.” He stared at me with a dead look. This man had clearly seen some troubling things. “Sir please. I only have one request.” I leaned back, ready to dodge in case he truly intended to kill me. He sighed, and lowered his sword. “Stupid reporters.” He muttered. “Fine, I’ll answer one question, then you leave, and don’t come back.” “That’s fine by me sir.” He stepped back and invited me into the room. This room was better kept than the rest of the house. The walls were freshly painted, and only a thin layer of dust was settled on the floor. He offered me a chair, and sat down across from me. “So.” He asked. “What do you want to know?” I settled into my chair, and said. “I want you to tell me about the Battle of Aelinar.” As I finished my sentence his eyes seemed to turn to stone. He leaned forward, and stared ahead. Finally he spoke. “You couldn’t have asked Herida about this, or Ianna?” “Believe me sir we tried, but they refuse to talk about it.” I knew that it may be a sensitive subject, but I pressed on. “They have good reason not to say anything.” He said. “Those were the bloodiest twenty days in Aelion’s history.” As he began his story I realized why the other Gods, and Goddess from those days refused to speak of them. He told me about how the Mechanoids had murdered thousands of innocent mortals. “My group was on a recon mission, when we came upon a ruined living complex. All throughout it were the bodies of mortals. Men, women, even children. Some hanging from windows, others stretched along the floor. I saw the bodies of a young couple, clinging tightly to each other. I found a crib, empty and lifeless. We begged our commander to let us stop and bury them, give them proper recognition, but he refused, he said that if we didn’t hurry there would be ten more complexes just like this one.” He told me of the ruthless battles, the many times he’d died himself. “We were defending one of our forward gun batteries. We destroyed one Mechanoid after another, but no matter how many we defeated more just kept coming. Finally we were overwhelmed. The rest of my group retreated while I held off the rest of the Mechanoids. I went down easily. I just stared at the sky, whishing I could die, permanently.” Finally he finished his story, and looked up at me. I could see the sadness, hanging on his face like a veil. He stood up and led me out the door. As is stepped out onto the porch I looked back and asked. “Sir, what’s your name?” He gave me a said smile and said “I only agreed to one question.” Then he shut the door. I left with something more than a story that day. I left with a newfound appreciation for life, and those who have sacrificed so much for it. To all the Gods, and Immortals of Aelion I thank you for your sacrifice. And to those who fought in the Battle of Aelinar, We will never forget you. Enjoy the Days of Glory. 

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