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I noticed that you've either timegated all the different ways of getting might, or put them behind a pay wall. Before, I had some hope of slowly catching up to the top players and getting high enough might and prestige to take on the hardest content, but now I see no path to progression aside from paying out the ass. I'm sitting at 245k Might and 125m Prestige, and I can't help but wonder what you guys are thinking, making content that I have no hope of doing without getting carried. I dread the next invasion and inevitable increase in Might requirements.

With the caps put on Cathedral and Tower of Knowledge, I have nothing to do with this assload of credits and knowledge i have stocked up. I have 240k knowledge, sitting there, doing nothing, and that number keeps growing. Likewise, I have millions of credits that I can't do anything with except donate to the pantheon, which is nice, but doesn't really do anything to alleviate my might/prestige issues.

The point of all this is, there has to be a way to progress at a reasonable rate without paying tons of money, otherwise I'll probably give up on this game. Right now, it just feels like you're trying to squeeze us for every penny we're worth, with less and less benefit for the money, especially with how you not only increase the might requirement every invasion, but increase the rate at which it increases. 35k more Might from gen5 to gen6, 40k from gen6 to gen7, and now 60k to get from gen7 to gen8? How much further do you plan to push it?

Let's look at some simple math, using some reasonable assumptions. Say you start at the base requirement of 235k Might at the beginning of the invasion and you have Premium status. I estimate it takes about 1 week to level up ToK, which results in 1k might. ~400 Might per day from Bastion, ~250 (generous estimate) per day from cathedral, 100 per day from followers- all together, amounts to about 6250 Might per week. After 8 weeks of this, our example character has gained 50k might, and then the next invasion starts (assuming it actually starts on schedule). Given how the bar only keeps rising for might requirements, it's reasonable to assume that 285k Might will not be enough. Hell, it's not even enough for dealing with the hardest encounters of the current invasion. Our example character will have to be carried through current content, and will have to play catch-up come the next invasion. It'll be days or weeks into the next invasion before they will be able to equip the new gen of gear, and will always have to be carried.

You're making it so it's impossible to play progression content for all but the people who pay the most and have been playing the longest. I started playing in December, and it was a long, hard grind to get to where I currently am where I can actually take on current-gen content, and that was with paying 30+ bucks per month. Now, I can't imagine how I can justify spending any more time or money on this game. Yall are crazy. I've already felt dumb every time i've spent money on this game, but this really takes the cake.

Thanks for your time,

A concerned player

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