Skyforge thinks less about PS4 Users

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playstation information and there are videos of multiple people getting those classes on the other classes .. monk ,witch , necromancer like how is it not available?? , and take down the info of the full game being available today , its so funny how the tower or knowledge , the cathedral and the the alter and tons of other items in the game are updated .. lol plus outlaw is a brand new class on pc yet we got it ,, not adding up... y'all also added the distortion tower and Flavius laboratory yet everything is suppose to be available .... not adding up ,, I have whole patience but what is being said isn't adding up. How can you say we can unlock 14 classes and we have paid for early access and STILL CANT GET THE MONK OR WITXH OR NECROMANCER... but there is YOUTUBE VIDEOS of someone on PS4 playing as monk. The contect is there the class is there. Why can ps4 user have it? Please explain

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Why release a game for PS4 when you dont have all the content available? Why cant we have what PC has? It says you can unlock all 14 classes when you go through the campaign? But ive beat the campaign and also the 3 season stories. I just don't understand

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