Skyforge Livestream #18: War’s Onset – Cryomancer Play

Founder Founder | unknown date

The Skyforge Team invites everyone to join Teremus & Drew this Thursday, December 3rd, at 12:00pm PDT (9pm CEST), live on Twitch TV!

Skyforge’s NA Community Manager Teremus, and Senior Community Manager Drew for discussions on the War’s Onset update, as well as an on-stream highlight of playing a Cryomancer following the class changes.

We hope to see you all there!

War's Onset Small


12:30pm PDT – Squad runs with Viewers
1:30pm PDT – War’s Onset/Pantheon Wars Q&A
2:00pm PDT – PvP with Viewers

Throughout the entire cast we’ll be running a giveaway at least every half hour, so make sure you’re listening in to have your shot at free Skyforge Loot!

When: December 3rd @ 12:00pm PDT (9pm CEST)
Duration: ~2 hours

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Noble Judge Noble Judge | unknown date

Too bad im gonna miss it cuase i got work :(

And the Monk needs a Buff :D

User | unknown date

This was one of the best quests I have played in this entire game. The windows 10 printing issues  adrenaline rush I got while playing this quest was so incredible. The level was so full of tough paths and the demons did give quite a fight.

User | unknown date

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