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I have not figured her out yet. She has balls of blue that circle her and thier touch will kill you. She trys to hit you with a lazor that would be easily avoided if not for running into the mobs. It is also too hard to hurt her enough for her to kick out heal orbs.

ok I got her:

I was able to disabled the things that send lazors to her and then she just shot at me which were no biggy. I jumped into a corner to stand still and aim. I had to run out and circle again when her lazor began. I again hit space and killed the thing giving her lazor power. Very slow work but you can kill her that way. You can also avoid using a yellow healing orb if you run into the circle fast enough. 

Just start running in the circle until you get the hang of it by avoiding the circles. Hit space to kill off the lazor thing when you can. Get use to each step until she is easy for you..

Also avoid a green circle she throws at you when you are standing still. It will push you off the edge to drop and die or pull you into a circle.

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This is the most horrdenous boss. I can faceroll every other boos in the test area, but this one is a pain.

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