What are you listening to currently?

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Post what you're currently listening to, with a link to the song somewhere preferably if you can! I want to hear what this community enjoys listening to! :Gerida03:

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Honorable Aelion Resident Honorable Aelion Resident | unknown date

RIP, Sir George.

Eternal Summer Eternal Summer | unknown date

Lately I've been listening to A LOT OF CHICKENS CRYING when I CHOP THEIR HEAD OFF to use on my rituals for Skyforge RNGesus.

Champion of Inghar Champion of Inghar | unknown date

Seriously? What the actual fk is this?

I just said it was a timeless classic silly.

I like this song too :

Love is everywhere! Love is everywhere! | unknown date

I just said it was a timeless classic silly.

I like this song too :

At least that actually resembles music.. 

Elder Guardian Elder Guardian | unknown date

Was listening to that during Xmas, to get in the spirit.


Jokes aside, listening now to:


A friend suggested me and I can't stop listening them now.

Evil Pumpkin Evil Pumpkin | unknown date

Evil Pumpkin Evil Pumpkin | unknown date

User | unknown date

Rammstein - Mein Herz Brennt


Bonus (Deadpool movie scene) because is funny:


P.S: This is what happens when you text and drive. Don't do it. Anyhow, What I keep listening while playing Skyforge:

X Gonna Give It To Ya (This was supposed to be my PS4 name; however, somebody beat me to it) by Dmx:


Praying by Kesha:


A Ton of songs by Halsey:


(Colors. I. Love. This. Song. So. Freaking. Much. Like I love every single ones that I put here... You get the point).


(Bad At Love).


(Hold me Down).




(Issues): https://youtu.be/biNFM2up81c.

The whole Decendant (Disney Movie) 1 & 2 soundtrack. I am to lazy to look up the lyrics. My favorites are It's going down, rotten to the core and What's my name.

Oh, I can't forget about,

Down in the DM's remix:


(I totally recommend this song when you are soloing. It's glorious).

Hmm... I am missing a few but I'll add one more then stop there. XD. My playlist is to long and I like a lot of random songs that have no particular connection to each other in theme.


I listen to a lot of country songs! A s. Ton too.

Anyhow, last song.

James Arthur - Say you won't let go:


I know I said last was going to be James, but I remember this song I love so much:

Give me love by Ed Sheeran:


(I get shivers just by listening to it. My answer might be a few years late, but better late than never~).


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